Zawadi / Her Story

I have explained how I am able to interpret these claims in the eBook. Raised in a Christian family, I have a gift Christians call the anointing / Word Of Knowledge - I have extensively talked about how I acquired this gift in the eBook. See also in the eBook how God/Holy Spirit inside our bodies is able to mimic someone’s voice and would overpower a man in love with a woman, to unconsciously hurt her feelings or even cheat on her. He is the only person that causes relationships breakups.

There’s always the first time we hear of shocking stories that leave us in disbelief, this certainly is! Read my own heart - rending story; how God has kept me single fourteen years straight. See how it has been a lonely, difficult journey and how having been a devoted Christian all my life landed me there. Please google also Let’s be honest about how hard it is to find love by Jean Hannah Edelstein ( I call it God’s abuse of power).

Coming together in love and having as many people as possible read the eBook (to gain momentum) is an important factor in seeing the end of death sooner and not later. - the larger the group, the stronger we will be - it’s a replica of collecting over a million signatures for a worthy cause, the results sometimes exceeds expectations and that will definitely pave way for our redemption. We are an incredibly powerful ‘species’ and our solidarity in rejecting our tormentor and death in unity, will undoubtedly see our desire come to pass, sensationally fast. Please buy the eBook straightaway because the sooner you read more secrets about God (in the book) the better for you, in that your soul will be strengthened against the God inside your body, so that he will be unable to kill you. Remember even in real life; learning the secrets of your enemy weakens him.

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