Zawadi / Her Story

I have explained how I am able to interpret these claims in the eBook. Born and raised a Christian, I have a prophetic gift Christians call the anointing / Word of Knowledge - I have extensively talked about how I acquired this gift in the eBook. Always, the first time we hear of shocking stories we are left in disbelief. Remember, we never stop learning in life. Life is about learning and making discoveries of things we never knew existed. From our infancy we learn from our parents / guardians, followed by our years in school / college / university learning from teachers / tutors / lecturers, to learning from our governments / research from scientists, teaching or warning us of potential dangers out there. Again, as long as we're in existence we never stop learning and here we are again learning what we never thought was possible and that is; God is the person who causes our pains / suffering and that it is truly possible to stop him from doing that, and claim the end of death... what a great lesson to learn from our immortal souls!

Read my own heart-rending story of how God has kept me single for fourteen years straight. See how it has been a lonely, difficult journey and how having been a devoted Christian all my life landed me there. I will briefly mention here how that it is because of my suffering that I landed the prophetic gift Christians call the ‘anointing’. My commitment to God was unquestionable. As said on a previous page, I had been a devoted Christian all my life. I had been brought up and taught to devote myself to a life of praying to God. I'd pray for many long hours at a time, at times all night until morning. Every week I would fast 2 to 3 days, forgo food and water, at times going for weeks without food, believing that I was serving a kind, good God, yet he wouldn't answer my prayers. I learned much later that that is part of who he really is, his true image, and that he takes pleasure in our pain as he denies us what we've passionately asking for from him. His nature is to punish all humans, even those who devote their lives to him as I had.

After waiting for almost 10 years to receive the blessing of marriage which he had promised me, he refused to answer all my prayers and cruelly denied me marriage. At the same time I knew I had been chosen to serve God in the Church, which meant preaching / teaching the Bible, but in the end God, wanting to frustrate me, denied me that too. The eBook explains that when God unlawfully denies us what we are entitled to, as he denied me, that can see him lose power in that particular individual's body and force him to release a much bigger blessing. God, being cruel, does from time to time hold our entitlements (which we had no knowledge of until now, our souls revealing this truth to us). He had no intention of giving me the prophetic gift I have today but my soul overpowered him (as a result of him abusing his power inside my body) and forced him to release that gift as compensation for what he had denied me. So as you can see, it is through pain and living with pain for many years that I ended up with the gift I have today. I'd say that it's kind of an exchange for the loving relationship / marriage I have been denied. In his abuse of power, God has hurt me immensely, both physically / emotionally and at times when I go through flashbacks of my past (all the pain I've silently had to endure over the years) I end up feeling sad. It's a punishment I wouldn't wish for anyone, not even my worst enemy, but again if that's the path I was destined for which will eventually lead to seeing the end of death, then all my suffering will be well worth it. Such an abuse of power by God has seen him denounced by our souls and the Universe as unfit to rule us.

You’ll read in the eBook how God / the Holy Spirit inside our bodies is able to mimic someone's voice and overpower a man in love with a woman to unconsciously hurt her feelings or even cheat on her. Such is God's abuse of power, and that is one of the tactics he uses to end marriages and relationships. He's the only person that causes relationship breakups. Please Google 'Let's be honest about how hard it is to find love' by Jean Hannah Edelstein (I call it God's abuse of power). Coming together in love and having as many people as possible read the eBook (please tell someone to visit the website) to gain momentum is key - the larger the group, the stronger we will be. It's like a petition which collects over a million signatures for a worthy cause, the results sometimes exceeds expectations. That will pave the way for our redemption. We are an incredibly powerful species and our solidarity in rejecting our tormentor and death in unity will undoubtedly see our desire come to pass sensationally fast. Please download the eBook (for free) straight away because the sooner you read more secrets about God the better for you, in that your soul will be strengthened against the God / Holy Spirit inside your body, and he will be unable to kill you. Remember, discovering the secrets of your enemy weakens them.

Let’s understand that the whole idea of rejecting death started with our souls because of its horror-stricken nature. Our souls being spirits have a deeper understanding of how evil death is and this reality has opened up this great opportunity which to us is unknown territory - (that we have the power to end death). The steps we need to take right now, as previously said, are to be careful about how we treat one another, for that will boost our bargaining strength in terms of seeing the end of natural disasters, the end of terrorist attacks, and ultimately the end of death.

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