Secrets never known to man before

There are shocking revelations in the eBook never known to man before. For example, did you know that our anguish does see our painful circumstances change and not prayers? Religious people confusingly call it prayer answered or miracles. I used to be in that category. The eBook explains that painful circumstances do change for humanists who don’t practice religion and atheists too. Women rights to vote came about as a result of anguish. Also in the eBook, is a revelation of how our anguish played 100% role in the remarkable recovery of ex - Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia, poisoned in Salisbury, UK. International community in anguish also, made the delicate rescue of the 12 Thai boys/coach possible. See in detail in the eBook and other shocking examples (read of people we are familiar with here in the UK). Discover how God was forced by their souls to stop hurting them as a result of anguish. Individuals and businesses financial losses are on the rise with many of our high street stores closing down. Experts are baffled not knowing what the source of the financial disaster is. The world is in crisis, people are suffering all over the world and are in anguish. See in the eBook how our souls are using our anguish to weaken God, who is harming us. This will put pressure on him to renounce death altogether. God’s secrets have remained under the lid until now. Why now? Our souls are gaining strength against God, our tormentor, and with that, are revealing these secrets to us. Prove how God is not a friend because of the tortures he’s put us through i.e. patterned painful divorces / unbearable relationship breakups which unknown to us he causes. Proven evidence in the eBook; how he’s kept a large group of people single on purpose. See how he does it for his own amusement. Amusement? You'll be appalled to discover what ‘his amusement’ is.

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