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Having said that, discovering God’s secrets and all the problems you’ve had to endure in the past - (believe me God caused all that), will empower you and your soul against him in that he will be unable to harm or kill you. By not delaying in the buying of the eBook, is you saying yes to the end of death, for we all want this to come to pass immediately.When you read the eBook, you will discover we are working as a team, you will simply be joining those who’ve already read the eBook and are telling God in their thoughts to stop killing people. That effort (having many declare that) believe me, is not for nothing as per the examples in the book. One more example of what unity can do: Saudi Teenager Rahaf Mohammed al - Qunun who fled fearing her life, reached out to the International community (via social media) for moral support. She feared her life was in danger and that her family was planning to kill her. From her hotel room in Thailand, she tweeted, crying to her fellow human beings for moral support.

Our anguish on her behalf did the impossible ! (for more details please google her story). Thailand authorities were planning to repatriate her back to her abusive family in Saudi Arabia - where she faced death but our anguish stopped that deportation. Within 36 hours of her plea for help, she was granted asylum in Canada. Others who in the past never took the action she did, were repatriated back to Saudi Arabia. Other mind blowing examples are in the eBook, of how (we) human beings have saved the lives of our fellow human beings many times and unknowingly when they reached out to us for help, as the Saudi girl did. That’s how powerful we are, and together we will see the end of death! Once again, please join others who are saying goodbye to death by buying the book straightaway, do not listen to thoughts telling you to postpone the excitement of reading/learning what’s in the eBook; of how close we are to making history.

You’ll be amazed to find out how powerful we really are, when determined to achieve a goal and especially when our rights have been infringed. When we stand together as one, the impossibles become possible. God has abused his powers beyond belief as per numerous examples in the eBook. This has seen people’s anger against him rise ( and these are the people who read the previous title of this eBook) resulting in our efforts being rewarded, as a matter of fact, our collective efforts have paid off. How? New proof in the eBook manifest our anger against God has shaken the spiritual world and as a result, three notable signs have emerged.

One of them is this: while we may all recall seeing our moms or grown ups when we were little, sweep spiders and cobwebs away as they’d would appear every so often in different rooms inside our houses, it’s unlikely we will ever see them again, at least not inside our houses. The repugnant presence of spiders and cobwebs inside our houses - will be a thing of the past from now onwards declares our souls, who in a supernatural way (to the surprise of many) have removed them from our homes - worldwide. See step by step how our efforts in unity (collectively and in one voice, wanting to see the end of death) have incredibly seen God (who was solely responsible for spiders’ presence inside our homes) lose power to our souls in that perspective - ( spiders leaving our homes) making the unheard-of become a reality. And with two more mind blowing signs in the eBook highlighting how close we are indeed to seeing the end of death, surely, it is time for all of us ‘to wake up and smell the coffee’ : unity has and can make the impossibles turn possible.By the way, the Brexit crisis here in the UK is to do with God’s interference. God wants Britain to crush out of the EU without a deal in order to see UK plunge into severe economic chaos/ hardships. And with that, he has caused acute divisions amongst the lawmakers of Britain making it impossible for a good Brexit solution. Please Buy the book for details.

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