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To analyse the first sign of God's defeat by humans, as mentioned on the Homepage of the website, this is what you need to know. The collective heroic deeds of the readers of the previous title (Could This Be Our Liberation?) unconsciously saw them weaken God / the Holy Spirit in every human being all over the world. This is because God / the Holy Spirit in every human being is consolidated by telepathy into one being, who we normally refer to as God. Three notable powerful signs have emerged and one of the signs to look out for is this: in the past, hundreds have perished at once after natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, etc. There is now less and less loss of human life following natural calamities as of today 4th July 2019. Please watch the international news / Google on a regular basis; deaths caused by natural disasters are mostly in single figures or an occasional double figure, but not in the hundreds as has been the case in the past. Souls are encouraging the numbers will soon dwindle to single figures at most and, within a short time, there will be no deaths at all as a result of natural disasters, followed by the end of death altogether worldwide, as we continue to treat one another kindly and tell off God (in our thoughts) for any death we hear about and relentlessly demand he stops causing natural disasters. In the past, natural disasters (that devastate lives globally) have been approved by many as the unchallenged God’s will - ‘an act of God’, a term now denounced by our souls as completely unacceptable.

An interesting point for you, the reader, to note: God is losing grip of his power (to kill via natural disasters) as illustrated in the preceding pages of the website. Here are two examples to support my claim: in Jefferson City, Missouri, USA, it was announced that violent tornadoes occurred on May 23rd 2019, and it baffled the authorities that there were no fatalities recorded. Second example: on the 6th July 2019, South California, USA, was hit by two earthquakes, one of them 7.1 magnitude, the largest in two decades, and no deaths were reported, to the shock of many. It wasn't by chance that no fatalities were reported in America following the three natural disasters mentioned. The encouraging results illustrated above were as a result of solidarity. There is a large group of readers of the previous title in America who bravely applied the advice given in the eBook as they watched the unfolding news on television concerning the above-mentioned natural disasters. Knowing who was behind those disasters, they courageously commanded God in their thoughts to stop that mischief. Those words not only shamed the God / Holy Spirit inside their bodies but paralysed the entire being we call God so much so that he was unable to cause extensive property damage, especially in the two earthquakes in California (which happened simultaneously); against the odds, incredibly, victims of these natural disasters escaped with their lives

As well as that, in early September 2019, Hurricane Dorian, a category 5, had been predicted to directly hit Puerto Rico, to cause havoc at Florida, before landing in the Bahamas, and eventually finding its way to other US states i.e., the Carolinas, etc. It was widely feared that the powerful Hurricane was going to leave a trail of destruction to both property and lives and for that, all concerned states were on high alert. When I heard on the news that President Trump cancelled an official trip to Poland because of Hurricane Dorian, I knew the world was bracing for terrifying pictures of people dying in America and that gravely worried me. I knew for sure that that kind of weather forecast was going to trigger untold fear and panic in the whole of the US, but part of me held an iota of hope that maybe, just maybe, it was possible to see lives spared because I knew God had taken a huge gamble with the powerful American readers of the eBook Could This Be Our Liberation? who had learned his secrets and who knew far too well how to frustrate and impede his efforts to destroy lives as his nature. As explained earlier, they had previously and unknowingly done the impossible when they saved lives in the natural disasters referenced above - the violent tornadoes reported in Jefferson City, Missouri on 23rd May 2019 (fatality-free, in comparison to previous ones where deaths were recorded) and the two earthquakes reported in South California, especially the very powerful 7.1 magnitude one around 6th July 2019 (again no deaths were reported). Something else to note here: the US meteorologists repeatedly warned of a bigger earthquake; an aftershock they had labelled 'the big one' was going to strike.

The 'big one' eventually never happened and probably never will because in solidarity, they, the afore-mentioned eBook readers, vehemently rejected / thwarted God's dirty idea of destroying lives and property in California. That is the unbelievable power we possess when we come together as one and reject the evil of hating one another. Please see all the above in detail in the eBook. The readers of the previous eBook in America had in their thoughts boldly commanded the Holy Spirit to stop that behaviour (knowing he was the one behind the driving force that was going to kill their fellow citizens) and for that, saw what I can only describe as a miracle. So when the news played on their TV screens about Hurricane Dorian, the same readers, joined by others in different parts of the world (including here in Britain) who had the knowledge that God was going to destroy lives in America through Hurricane Dorian, united and weakened God, such that he was unable to cause major devastation or deaths. What will shock the reader is that there's power when someone learns their enemy's secrets. As said previously, a large group of readers in America had learned of God's secrets after reading the eBook and, as such, were powerful. The eBook speaks of the power of human anguish, which in this case saw its effect through the lives saved in America. I feel encouraged and I hope, reader, you will too when you read the new eBook and realise that it's no longer if but when we'll see the end of death, because powerful signs are already here, confirming we're about to take our lives back from God / death as we continue to love one another and continue to fight off thoughts that tell us to hurt one another for no legitimate reasons - our victory is undeniable and imminent. We become powerful when we possess the spirit of meekness.

The Word of Knowledge asserts that the majority of the readers of the eBook quickly adopted the advice given, i.e., not hating / hurting the feelings of their fellow human beings without legitimate reasons, observing humility, trying to be nice to their fellow humans and, believe me, reader, that's what makes a human being powerful. See how such good behaviour is not only beneficial to an individual but strengthens our souls and the human race in general, quickening the end of death. The above-mentioned behaviours of the readers of the previous eBook saw God / the Holy Spirit weakened in America in that he was unable to hit Florida using Hurricane Dorian and couldn't touch Puerto Rico, a US territory. Please check the international news, weather, or Google on a regular basis and follow an emerging pattern on natural disasters in America. There's a unique switch from massive losses of human lives witnessed in past natural disasters to a stunning outpouring of new figures indicating far fewer fatalities being reported as of today (September 2019) in the US following natural disasters. Please note that the same Hurricane Dorian that spared some US states including Puerto Rico had different effects in the Bahamas, in that it wiped out entire communities.

There was utter desolation in the Bahamas with over 54 reported deaths, a number poised to rise as the recovery effort continues which was hard to watch. The reason for the great devastation in the Bahamas is connected to the 'Power of Information'. As said, there was a large group of readers of the eBook in America who had acquired the knowledge on how to inhibit the Hurricane Dorian effects. They had read in the eBook that the Holy Spirit in us uses our energies to cause disasters, with devastating effects, leading to fatalities. In their awareness of that fact, they made sure God failed in that endeavour and couldn't manage to kill people in their country. The powerful Americans had listened to the unfolding Hurricane Dorian announcement with horror. They took into account the devastation God was planning for their country and the alarming news drove them into a frenzy. They were so furious at God's behaviour and, in an instant, they neutralised the power he was going to use to devastate lives, leaving him unable to cause severe carnage like what was witnessed in the Bahamas. In the end God not being able to use their energies on a mass scale to destroy lives, saw very few deaths in the US in comparison to that of Bahamians, who had no knowledge on how to fight the bad energy that caused a historic catastrophe in their country. As said before, it's unlikely anyone in the Bahamas had read Could This Be Our Liberation? which would have revealed the hidden reality about this life to them and which would have equipped them with the techniques needed to defeat the enemy of humans.

That revelation, which would have helped them neutralise God's power in order to mitigate the damage and the massive loss of lives was unfortunately lacking. The knowledge they would have acquired if they had read the eBook as the Americans had would have told them to reject that evil, by telling off God in their thoughts and commanding him to stop. That would have worked, as was the case in America, but due to the truth about God being hidden from them, many were seen on telly praising the very force that had caused them so much grief. If the Bahamians had the knowledge about God by reading the previous eBook or the new one, I am confident things would have played out differently, with minimal loss of human lives and far less property damage. Of that, I am deeply convinced.

Hurricane Dorian hit states in America after leaving the Bahamas, but was weakened to a Category 2 because the Americans wouldn't give the Holy Spirit an inch and so God has only managed a few deaths. So far, no deaths have been reported in Northern Carolina though Hurricane Dorian had made a mark there. The latest hurricane (around 19th September 2019) was Texas’ Tropical Imelda. Texas leaders feared it might cause more chaos than Hurricane Harvey which, in 2017, had left 103 dead. This is how one US newspaper described Imelda: 'Worse than Hurricane Harvey.' ‘At least 2 dead’ as Imelda overwhelms Texas with 'incredibly dangerous' flooding'. But in the end it turned out to be a big defeat for God, whose aim was to kill as many Americans as possible. So far this week (of the 22nd September 2019) three additional deaths have been attributed to Tropical Storm Imelda, bringing a total of only five deaths in Texas, another historic defeat for God (whose aim was to kill hundreds) in comparison to a staggering 103 recorded deaths in 2017 under similar circumstances (Hurricane Harvey). This is indeed a welcome consolation for those looking forward to seeing the end of death and our misery soon, clearly indicating that human beings are slowly but surely defeating God - the master planner of all natural disasters. In light of the need for all countries all over the world to see lives saved globally, souls are urging us to try and spread the message about the end of death. Please tell someone you know to visit the website and together let's please try to save as many people as we possibly can.

Please download the eBook straight away as said many times; it's free to download for now and the offer may close soon. Also try and save lives by standing in the gap for your country men / women / children as an exemplary example displayed by the American people, who've stood in the gap on behalf of those in their country that haven't read the eBook. Whenever you hear of a 'danger to life' weather warning where you live, please waste no time in telling off God / the Holy Spirit in your thoughts, angrily commanding him to stop that mischief. This will weaken him in that he will be unable to devastate lives and property in your country. Let's please also continue to get mad at God for any deaths we hear about worldwide, whether it's as a result of terrorist attacks, natural disasters, sickness or otherwise, for every life is precious. The second sign to look out for is that it's unlikely we will see spiders and cobwebs inside our houses from now onwards, for so declare our souls. All of us have grown up seeing our moms or other grown-ups sweep cobwebs away that would regularly appear in high corners of different rooms inside our houses. A person would clean them and within a month or so, another unpleasant one would reappear in the same spot it had been cleared from. Spiders are part of nature and therefore are supposed to live outside and not inside our houses. But God would bring them into our homes in his abuse of power, to harm us.

New evidence in the eBook reveals how the Universe is unhappy with the way God has destroyed us using it and that's one of the reasons he's losing power to kill people using natural disasters. The problem (of spiders) has been so bad in the recent past that several TV programmes have shown poisonous spiders crawling into people's beds, God wanting them to cause harm to humans. I've read in newspapers and seen on telly, people needing hospital treatments after spider bites. The anger the readers of the previous title felt when they learned the full extent of God's abuse of power (which obviously included bringing poisonous spiders into our homes), saw them unknowingly strip God of that power and hand it back to our souls and the Universe, supernaturally. The new rulers (souls and the Universe) have now commanded all spiders and cobwebs to get out of our houses (worldwide) and never to return (I have seen cobwebs on my balcony / outside my windows but not inside my house - please check yours). There's one more shocking surprise for you, the third sign, confirming what unity (our coming together in thoughts and declaring we deserve better) is doing in seeing the end of death and our sufferings come to pass a lot faster than anticipated. Please download the eBook for the third sign because it's not possible to fully outline here due to lack of space.

Tell someone a friend, a colleague, a family, even that neighbour you’ve never spoken to before, to visit the website. We are very close to seeing the end of death, yet people who haven’t learned the secrets of the truth about this life are still in danger. You don't want to regret seeing someone you know died because no one told them to read and learn how they could have avoided death - the remaining days or weeks before the announcement of the end of death are crucial and could make a difference, a difference between life and death for those I’ve mentioned above. Please see my point and tell someone to visit and believe me, you’ll have saved a life and you’ll be glad you did the right thing. We are always updating the website with new evidence of how close we are in seeing the end of death, so please, once again take note of our website address and visit us now and then for new information relevant to the end of death. As a matter of fact, there’s a high possibility that next time you visit the website, we might be proclaiming that the end of death has taken place and only waiting for an official announcement, it’s that close!

Brexit The Brexit crisis here in the U.K. is to do with God's interference. God wants the U.K. to crash out of the EU without a deal in order to see Britain plunge into severe economic chaos / hardship. The House of Commons of the UK remains deeply divided over the Brexit issue, all because God has determined so, making a good Brexit solution almost impossible to achieve

Brexit Update / U.K. Politics

Brexit Update

Tories have won with the majority and with that, Brexit will now be possible. See in this eBook; how that our souls are telling all those who put their faith in Brexit as a means of ending economic hardships felt by some here in the U.K.; are in for disappointment and you will understand why. With a catalogue of reasons detailed in this revised edition, souls are cautioning why we should all (those in Britain) be concerned. See why Britain will regret Brexit almost immediately and why souls have issued a stern warning to the Labour party, following their catastrophic defeat in this recent general election. See other alarming stories in this eBook (probably eight or more stories) after the Elections Results / Brexit report, so please don’t stop reading after the Elections / Brexit topics but read the entire eBook. Incredible stories I am talking about, will undoubtedly help you to be hopeful of seeing the end of death soon, while cautioning you (this goes to all of us) to be vigilant (continue being nice to others) until death is abolished.

There’s much more to read in the eBook, please do not delay in downloading. Learning the truth…

Football Fans: A spike of abuse towards black footballers on social media by some white fans has been reported, including monkey chants at football stadiums in Europe, especially in the U.K. An example is the match between Bulgaria and England Euro 2020 qualifier whereby England black players were subjected to monkey chants abuses by some Bulgarian fans. I join England forward Marcus Rashford in acknowledging Bulgaria’s captain Ivelin Popov who was seen single handedly remonstrating with his abusive home fans at half-time, telling them to stop the sickening chants toward England players. “We are all the same irrespective of our different skin colours, one family in football,” he told reporters after the match. On the contrary, Bulgaria’s goalkeeper Plamen IIieven, it was reported, shockingly claimed that England overreacted to racial abuse and that Bulgarian fans ‘behaved well’. Similar sentiments were echoed by Borislav Mihaylov (the former Bulgarian FA chief) but unfortunately, such unsympathetic stands towards fellow human beings who need sympathy whether deliberate or otherwise, only weakens our souls derailing the end of death. Bravo to the outgoing Bulgarian coach Krasimir Balakov who though had initially said that he hadn’t heard the racial abuses towards the visitors, later on saw the need to apologise to the England team. See how being one of our heroes, captain Ivelin Popov, showing sympathy to the emotionally scarred England’s players has contributed immensely towards quickening the end of death. And this goes also to the England team manager Gareth Southgate; whose empathy for his black players (whenever they suffer racism) continues to shine a light, outstandingly displaying what love can do and making ending of death truly possible. If you know of a football fan, whatever age group, please ask them to read what's on the website and let them see that by subjecting their fellow human beings to such abuses simply because they have different colour skin is cruel. It not only weakens racist individuals and leaves them vulnerable to bad luck (such as aggressive cancers / premature deaths) but weakens the entire human race, slowing down the eventual end of death. This also goes for other individuals (especially women who are jealous of other women) who continue with actions they know are wrong in order to hurt the feelings of other human beings. See the new eBook about why our souls have vowed that such individuals may never receive forgiveness and that the end of death may not benefit them.

For those who read the previous title almost a year ago and feel discouraged because we haven't seen the end of death yet, it may feel like we are down and out with no hope at all (as humans continue to die as of 04/07/2019), but let's take courage, for it's not too late to defeat our enemy, death; there's a chance we will make it, for we've still got one another. As we continue to hang in there, anxiously waiting for the announcement of the end of death, our souls are gaining strength with each passing second we choose to be nice to someone. Hence the importance of loving one another. This means avoid hating someone for no legitimate reason whether it’s a refugee / immigrant or a fellow citizen - such behaviour weakens us. See the new eBook how far right groups in Europe as an example of the German City of Dresden; hating fellow human beings for no legitimate reason is what was eventually going to destroy the Earth, much faster than the dreaded adverse climate changes - see evidence in the eBook.

Let's realise that a change can only come when we come together and stand together as one. By loving one another, we will be saving our own lives, for God has used hate to weaken and destroy lives. Our souls caution us not to get too carried away with excitement (when we prove one or all three signs), until he gets out of our bodies, because we remain spiritually powerful when we are humble. All the three incredible signs (when confirmed) prove how we truly need one another, irrespective of race, gender, sexual orientation, class, religion, or disability when engaged in a battle such as this to defeat evil. Our solidarity and avoidance of hating and hurting one another's feelings without cause has, without a shadow of a doubt, brought about this victory. Once again, diversity is our strength. Our strength, when we stand together as one, goes beyond our wildest imaginations, and that goes out to the 7.6 billion humans who make up the world; hence the importance of promoting mutual respect and tolerance for all, irrespective of race, gender, sexual orientation, class, religion, or disability. Having come this far, let's please not throw away our only lifeline left - coming together and standing firm as one; for that, take it from me, is What Will Ultimately Save Us.

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