The eBook is a revised edition of a previous title: Could This Be Our Liberation? As We Are About To See The End Of Death by author Zawadi Kariungi. See also why Britain will regret Brexit and why Labour party is being Warned following their disastrous defeat in this recent general election (here in Uk). See this in detail on the A Crucial Message page of the website.Please note: The term Word Of Knowledge means Power Of Prophecy detailed in the eBook.(If you logged into the website by Facebook or Google direct connections, please take a picture or write down our URL which is (and keep it safe) incase you’d want to visit us again in the future).This eBook is about saving lives. It is an eye-opener. It reveals the truth about life that has never been known to man before. These are scary times; we've been ‘walking on eggshells’..for a long time not knowing where our danger lies; anything could happen to us any second, hence increased life insurance policies with young people in such adverts seen saying “in case something happens to me”. There’s however, undeniable hope that we’re indeed about to see the end of death and all human suffering - see evidence that supports that optimism in a minute. The world is experiencing untold suffering; climate crisis resulting in droughts / water shortages in many parts of the world, natural disasters (that devastate lives), anti government protests as disgruntled citizens blame world governments for their pain including poverty (a lack of jobs in many parts of the world) caused by corruption and unequal wealth distribution globally. In many parts of the world, people are having to learn how to live with the fear of civil wars, terrorist attacks and natural disasters such as floods / mudslides that are worryingly wiping out entire communities. Reports of surging knife / gun crimes and unacceptable human hardships (including misfortunes humans occasionally suffer), pain of every kind (both physical and emotional) worldwide, is horrifying to say the least. Religious and spiritual people can’t help but wonder, “but where is God in all this?”. “Why is he not rescuing us from the claws of the supposed Devil?”. This is the answer; God is the one behind all our pains and suffering (including individual misfortunes and terrorists attacks - see evidence in the eBook).

But why would he be? I will prove in the eBook that God enjoys our pains / suffering and that’s why he lives inside our bodies. When we whisper a word of prayer, he hears us from within. Christians call him the Holy Spirit. He resides in over 7.6 billion people worldwide and that's how he ends up being all over the world, and everywhere at the same time - omnipresent. (Prove in a minute, that God doesn’t live up in the skies but in our bodies - as a spirit, explained earlier, because he’s neither the Universe nor Mother Nature). Proven evidence in the eBook will reveal the troubling truth about God, and that is; he loves and takes pleasure in our hurt, making sense of why there is so much suffering in our world today. And it is for this reason that our souls want God to vacate our bodies straight away because he is unable to cause us pain or kill us if he isn’t inside our bodies. See later how that would mean the end of death for all humans. People from all walks of life, may find reading this book enjoyable, disturbing and interesting at the same time. Atheists, agnostics, humanists, secularists, non - believers, spiritualists, religious and non - religious people, may acknowledge and resonate with some of the pains people are going through, as expressed in this book. Whatever the category you belong to, stories in this book affects every human being, in one way or another. It speaks of human anguish, that is quickly outstripping God’s power and giving us a glimpse of hope that we’re about to be liberated from the power of death. Please be advised that I am not here to promote Christianity / any religion / God or his name having lived for him for so many years, but to tell the truth as it is, of how he has overstepped the mark.

Please take note that, though this eBook is not about promoting any religion or belief, it’s not about fighting religion or anyone's beliefs either. The author does honour different faiths; as a matter of fact, she was brought up to respect all faiths, such as Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Christianity etc. Please do not take personal offence in what you are about to read in this eBook concerning God because, as said, it's not about fighting religion but about telling the truth. It is about reading the absolute verity that will in the end save us and our beloved Earth. You’ll find that although the eBook is not about promoting any religion as such, it has defended Islam because often men and women of Muslim background have suffered backlash especially here in the West after terrorist attacks (carried out by a Muslim individual). The eBook warning people of other faiths the danger of stereotyping; and not to stereotype all Muslims as terrorists because that is far from the truth. That kind of hatred for Muslims weakens our souls and the human race in general that could easily slow down or jeopardize our chances of seeing the end of death altogether. Diversity is our strength and therefore loving one another irrespective of race, gender, disability, religion, sexual orientation, class etc is what will bring us out and give us victory over the power of death. Born and raised in a Christian family, I was taught from an early age to respect God and religion. I have come to learn that in life we have to leave room for unexpected shocks and disappointments. My sorrow when I discovered God's nature and who he truly is, is one I still find hard to describe. I still struggle to find the right vocabulary to describe God's dark side because to this very day, I am in shock, confused by this painful realisation; that the truth about God is far from the loving God highly spoken of in religious books.

I was taught from a young age to believe and trust in God, yet after many years of serving him in the church, I was left wounded and troubled by what I saw a betrayal from a God I wholeheartedly loved and believed in. I only discovered the truth about God and the reality of the life we live in after suffering so much in my years of practising Christianity - read this in detail on the Zawadi / Her story page of the website. I never thought in a million years that a reality such as this could surface out of the ‘blue’ or that I could write a book describing God as someone who has abused his powers. I am under immense pressure from the celestial justice system (a spiritual system you probably never knew existed - I certainly didn't know anything about it until now) to tell the truth about God as I know it and as shocking as that may sound to you, I am unable to put God's abuse of power in more subtle language but can only describe it as an abuse of power by God because that is what it is. I reiterate that this is not about fighting any religion or Christianity specifically as I've still got roots in religion. All my family and friends are practising Christians, yet I am obliged by our new rulers to tell the world the truth about God, for it is in this certainty that we will ultimately find liberation and see the end of death for all humans. As a religious / spiritual person, I often used to wonder why God sits idly by and watches as people suffer, doing nothing to help even those devoted to him - religious people who love him dearly. How come he doesn't seem to care about our pains, despite being the so-called 'loving' God? That's when I listened to a still-small voice within myself, telling me to think outside the religion box. I would urge all godly religious people to think carefully before dismissing what they are reading here about God as false. Ask yourself, what if what I am reading here is true? Isn't it good to have an open mind and embrace the truth about life (as bad as it is) and God, then reach a conclusion that could save your life and the lives of the people you care about?

The reality of our existence is far from what we've always thought. For example, you'll learn that we are never in full control of our lives and that's why we are unable to choose when we die or how we die (unless one commits suicide). It's always frightening and disturbing when we hear of people who've suffered gruesome, horrific deaths. We definitely don't want that to happen to us or to those we love dearly and care about, yet ordinary people like you and I have met ghastly ends they had no control over. The truth of the matter is that the way things are right now is petrifying. We are on a dangerous path; our enemy, death (see evidence in the eBook that he is none other than God; Christians call him the Holy Spirit, who resides within us) can destroy us any second whether we are godly or not - and that's why worshippers have met horrific deaths while worshipping and serving him in houses of worship such as churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, etc. And you wonder why he couldn't or wouldn't protect them? They were his faithful followers, serving him, right? You’ll see in the eBook that whether we love God / serving him or not, he’s still causing us harm; ‘stuck between a rock and a hard place’ we are better off knowing the truth about God and claiming the end of death straight away. We stand a very high chance of seeing the end of death once we learn what weakens us and leads to ‘bad luck’, and that way avoid early deaths and death altogether.

Part of our life's journey is to know the true origin of our problems. The only way to prove what I am claiming (a reality which has been hidden from us until now) is to read the whole book. Please download the eBook straight away as it is free to download for a limited time only. An important factor you need to know about, reader, is that this is the first time a human being has rejected death. If we had known this reality well before now and rejected death in unison, believe it, we'd have seen it's abolition ages ago - that's how powerful we are when we unite to reject evil that's harming us. Please note that the abolition of death was predicted in the Bible in the Book of Revelation centuries ago. The particular scripture says, "then we shall defeat our enemy death and shall exclaim oh! death where is your sting?". Please see this in detail in the eBook. Whether you have a Christian background or not, this is a message for the entirety of humanity; that seeing the end of death is our right. Due to the injustice we've gone through, and this includes innocent children, the celestial justice system (which is not God) has given us this breakthrough, to give us justice of some sort. Governments are being sued by climate activists for adverse climate changes, women are suffering brutal rapes and violence in many parts of the world, there are civil wars and poverty in many parts of the world, natural disasters are wiping out entire communities, corruption in governments in many parts of the world is on the rise, leading to citizens of such countries to live in dire poverty due to unfair wealth distribution worldwide. Pain of every kind is being felt by mankind - sudden deaths of young people with shocking statistics of incurable cancers, young energetic footballers suddenly dying of heart attacks - many are blaming world (their) governments for all (their) our troubles. Something has gone wrong and chillingly so.

The increased number of funeral plan adverts for over fifties, especially here in the U.K., highlight just how much we've embraced the idea of death and are being encouraged to make early preparations for our deaths; death is being portrayed as okay and an integral part of our lives (a view perpetuated by God, who is behind those adverts), with the aim of us continuing to accept death as normal and acceptable, passing that message to future generations. But listen to this: our souls are rejecting our untimely deaths (and indeed, death altogether) and want us to do the same.The eBook explains that the word ‘blasphemy’ has wrongly been used in religious books to silence us, stopping us from questioning or challenging God when he wrongs us. When we see the end of death, because we'll certainly see its end soon, only then will we prove beyond reasonable doubt that the word blasphemy was something God cunningly put in religious books in order to have us accept his abuses. There comes a time when we heed a certain call, when the world must come together as one to fight injustices we are all facing. It is at such a time that we feel most compelled to come together as one and do all we can within our power to stop human suffering worldwide and ultimately save our own lives. The previous title Could This Be Our Liberation? saw the majority of its readers act. In their determination to bring an end to human suffering, they took the message seriously and fought off thoughts of hating / hurting their fellow human beings without cause (which can weaken us spiritually and can leave us vulnerable to aggressive cancer attacks or untimely deaths - see evidence in the eBook). Instead, they kept commanding God in their thoughts to vacate their bodies and continued to demand he stops killing people worldwide - read about this in detail later.

Their reaction was as a result of what they had read (in the previous eBook) concerning God's erratic and dangerous mentality; enjoying our hurt, which left them deeply disturbed and wounded. Their sadness quickly transitioned to anger. They had learned in horror of how God has inhumanely tortured / punished us and their backlash against God's evil conduct was dramatic and precise. They were outraged, betrayed, in their thoughts condemned him for his acts of barbarism and wasted no time in telling him mentally their perception of and distaste at his dreadful conduct. They became furious at God. Their anger was so intense that it rocked the spiritual world; this means they literally and unknowingly seized a big chunk of the power God has used in the past to hurt us and, supernaturally, handed it back to our souls. Please see in detail on the A Crucial Message page of the website. Read how God's power to cause natural disasters has been greatly diminished by their (readers of the previous eBook) actions and how this may mean we are unlikely to ever hear again of people dying following natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, mudslides, tornadoes etc., as today - beginning with America (04 / 07 / 2019) onwards, as we continue to love one another and relentlessly demand he stops causing such natural disasters.

We gain strength when we continue to care for one another (getting mad at God in our thoughts for any deaths we hear about worldwide) and that is what has given us renewed hope; a recognition that we are indeed about to witness history in the making. New incredible evidence confirms the end of death is much closer than initially thought. Our coming together has proved that when we set our hearts on achieving a goal as one, we are undeterred and unstoppable. No one should underestimate our strength and resilience when we stand together as one, not even God. But what is the true source of the sufferings mentioned earlier? Are our governments to blame? The question lingers. Once again, the eBook asserts that God causes all our suffering in order to enjoy the (our) agony that comes with such evils. Our souls, which are immortal, were part of God, and gave him powers to rule over us at the time of our creation - in physical bodies. Over the years, God has abused his power – given us pain (including poverty / illnesses / family break-ups), death, and natural disasters such as earthquakes, mudslides, wildfires, unbearable heat waves, floods, adverse climate changes, etc. Our souls, in anger, are taking back the powers they once gave him.

New Revelations Never Known To Man Before

These are powers he was given by our souls centuries ago. He uses the energies of humans (the people in those areas where such tragedies occur) to cause natural calamities in order to enjoy their (our) pain and doesn’t cause such disasters from the skies as we’ve been led to believe all our lives (all detailed in the eBook). It is for this reason that our souls are putting pressure on God to vacate our bodies because he is unable to kill us if he isn’t inside our bodies. The truth of the matter is that we’ll be just fine without him because our souls are the source of life in us and not God as we’ve always thought. Normally it is pain that force the soul out of the body (when the body is unable to cope with the excruciating pain caused by the Holy Spirit inside our bodies) amounting to the death of an individual but for the first time, the embattled God is being forced by our souls to vacate our bodies (this will mean the end of death for humans) as he continues to weaken because of the way he has abused our bodies through sickness, untimely wrinkles, young men going bald early etc. Proven facts in the eBook prove that we simply don’t have a life as we’ve always thought, unless he gets out of our bodies. See how we can avoid bad energy by avoiding hurting each other’s feelings, which can weaken us spiritually and the human race in general, slowing down our liberation from death / God. Being spiritually powerful can keep bad luck such as premature deaths and most known aggressive cancers killing people today at bay - see in the eBook a recent research in the U.K. which highlighted that 30% of cancer cases were as a result of bad luck and had nothing to do with genes or bad lifestyle, God/Holy Spirit inside our bodies being the cause.

But how does the author of the eBook know these things? See the answer to that question in later pages of the website under the title Zawadi / Her Story.

Please scroll down the page for there’s more to read.

A quick look into the book

Those who empathise with hurting people, unknowingly embrace good energy making them powerful; making it difficult for the God in them to kill them untimely. The eBook tells people to avoid hating someone secretly in one’s heart. The God inside a hateful person can easily read those thoughts and cause the hateful individual to weaken spiritually, see proven evidence in the eBook - an example is the 2007 celebrity big brother, the late Jade Goody who weakened spiritually when she hurt the feelings of the Indian actress Shilpa Shetty, after secretly hating her as a result of jealousy. See in the eBook also why God hates glamorous women. The likes of Halle Berry, Madonna, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Jennifer Aniston, former X Factor judge Cheryl Tweedy, and many more. See how he has used resources (abuse of power) to keep them single by destroying their marriages or relationships. Mind blowing revelation: God was behind (formula 1 driver) Lewis Hamilton’s 7 year relationship break up with the stunning Nicole Scherzinger. Apparently God hardened Hamilton’s heart not marry Nicole to prove a point to Nicole, that her beauty is as nothing. See the pattern he uses to humiliate beautiful women. Such is God’s abuse of power and that is one of the tactics he uses to end marriages and relationships. The fact that you haven’t heard the sorts of stories narrated here before, doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t true.

Take courage though, such an abuse of power by God is seeing him weaken. The very success in the publication of the eBook exposing his secrets without his interference, is a living proof that we’re minutes away from our redemption. See in the eBook how our souls love one another and are asking us to emulate their exemplary example because that is where our strength lies. Until we achieve our freedom from God/death, your resilience to stay spiritually strong couldn’t be more crucial.

Think well of others (fight off thoughts of disliking someone for no legitimate reason - see how our enemy plants such thoughts in us to have us spiritually weakened in order to kill us prematurely) because as said previously, our enemy can read such negative thoughts, capitalise on that loophole and weaken us spiritually. Please tell others - family / friends / colleagues what you’ve learned today, that we should avoid bad luck by not hating someone for no legitimate reasons secretly in our hearts and to avoid hurting our fellow human beings without a cause; that will see our loved ones stay safe.That said, whenever we hear of people dying from now onwards, in our thoughts,; let’s please condemn such injustices against our fellow human beings, for we boost our spiritual strength when we empathise with others.

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