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This eBook is a revised edition of a previous title : Could This Be Our Liberation?As We Are About To See The End Of Death the author Zawadi Kariungi. If you have already read the mentioned previous title : Could This Be Our Liberation?..... I would still urge you to consider reading this new revised title. The reason for this is that in this new eBook titled ( Victory For All Humans…..) are updates; new additional encouraging examples that would be of much interest to you as a reader. You’ll see our souls reveal to us new inspiring stories of what human anguish is continuing to do - making a difference and giving us hope; a recognition that we’re indeed about to witness history in the making - end of death. See some of the defects that have brought about a delay in seeing the end of death but resilience ; our determination (those who have wholeheartedly embraced the liberation story) is fast bringing changes with powerful evidence in the eBook. We are unstoppable and indisputable proof in the new eBook suggests the end of death is inevitable and only one step away. Please see details on A Crucial Message Page of the website.

Here is a message of hope to a suffering world - We are indeed about to see the end of death. Alarming stories of wars in many parts of the world and heartbreaking human sufferings is almost a daily feature on our TV screens. People especially the young are dying like animals. Increased number of people diagnosed with the killer disease cancer is alarming; these are scary times to say the least. We've been walking on ‘eggshells’..for a long time not knowing where our danger lies. There are uncertainties out there; anything could happen to us any second, hence increased life insurance policies with young people in such adverts seen saying “incase something happens to me”. Our souls are rejecting our untimely deaths that are on the rise and want us to do the same.

But what is the source of our sufferings?The eBook points at God as the driving force behind our sufferings. But why would he be? I will prove in the eBook that God enjoys our sufferings, and that’s why he lives in our bodies. When we whisper a word of prayer, he hears us from within us. Christians call him the Holy Spirit. He resides in over 7.6 billion people worldwide and that's how he ends up being omnipresent.

Our souls, which are immortal, were part of God, and gave him powers to rule over us at the time of our creation - in physical bodies. Over the years God has abused his power – given us pain, death, and natural disasters such as earthquakes, mudslides, wildfires etc. Our souls, in anger, are taking back the powers they once gave him. God is under pressure to even waive death.

New Revelations Never Known To Man Before
These are powers he was given by our souls centuries ago. He uses the energies of humans (the people in those areas where such tragedies occur) to cause calamities such as earthquakes, mudslides, floods etc... to kill people and doesn’t cause disasters from the skies as we’ve been lied to (it’s all detailed in the eBook). Read also how our souls are putting pressure on God to vacate our bodies because he is unable to kill us if he isn't inside our bodies.

But how does the author of the eBook know these things? See the answer to that question in later pages of the website under the title: Zawadi / Her story

The truth of the matter is; we’ll be just fine without him for Our souls are the source of the life in us and not God as we’ve been lied to). When a human being is declared clinically dead it is the immortal soul that normally comes out of the body. When the individual God / Holy Spirit in us leaves our bodies, it will also mean the end of death for all human beings - read this in detail in the eBook. See also how we can stay away from bad energy (bad luck) when we avoid hurting each other’s feelings, which can weaken us spiritually and the human race in general; slowing down our liberation from God / death.. Being spiritually powerful can keep bad luck such as premature deaths and most known aggressive cancers sadly killing people today at bay.

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A quick look into the book

Those who empathise with hurting people, unknowingly embrace good energy making them powerful; making it difficult for the God in them to kill them untimely. The eBook tells people to avoid hating someone secretly in one’s heart. The God inside a hateful person can easily read those thoughts and cause the hateful individual to weaken spiritually, see proven evidence in the eBook - an example is the 2007 celebrity big brother, the late Jade Goody who weakened spiritually when she hurt the feelings of the Indian actress Shilpa Shetty, after secretly hating her as a result of jealousy. See in the eBook also why God hates glamorous women. The likes of Halle Berry, Madonna, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Jennifer Aniston, former X Factor judge Cheryl Tweedy, and many more. See how he has used resources (abuse of power) to keep them single by destroying their marriages or relationships. Mind blowing revelation: God was behind (formula 1 driver) Lewis Hamilton’s 7 year relationship break up with the stunning Nicole Scherzinger. Apparently God hardened Hamilton’s heart not marry Nicole to prove a point to Nicole, that her beauty is as nothing. See the pattern he uses to humiliate beautiful women. Such is God’s abuse of power and that is one of the tactics he uses to end marriages and relationships. The fact that you haven’t heard the sorts of stories narrated here before, doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t true.

Take courage though, such abuse of power by God is seeing him weaken. The very success in the publication of the eBook exposing his secrets without his interferences, is a living proof that we’re minutes away from our redemption. See in the eBook how our souls love one another and are asking us to emulate their exemplary example because that is where our strength lies. Until we achieve our freedom from God/death, your resilience to stay spiritually strong couldn’t be more crucial.

Think well of others (fight off thoughts of disliking someone for no legitimate reasons - see how our enemy plants such thoughts in us to have us spiritually weakened in order to kill us prematurely) because as said previously, our enemy can read such negative thoughts, capitalise on that loophole and weaken us spiritually. Please tell others - family / friends / colleagues what you’ve learned today, that we should avoid bad luck by not hating someone for no legitimate reasons secretly in our hearts and to avoid hurting our fellow human beings without a cause; that will see our loved ones stay safe.That said, whenever we hear of people dying from now onwards, in our thoughts,; let’s please condemn such injustices against our fellow human beings, for we boost our spiritual strength when we empathise with others.

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